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 Uniquely adept at perceiving change in the marketplace while pivoting strategy and retooling an organization for success.

What is the cost of your organization not accepting and adopting to your technology change?

City Transprent

Organizational Change Management

Change Management is the practice of applying a structured approach to transition an organization from a current state to a future state to achieve expected benefits. Incorporating Change Management can help share the burden and lighten the load for the Project Management team and exceed project ROI targets.


Organizational Design

Organizational Design is the process of aligning the structure (both hierarchy and SME’s) of an organization with its objectives. The ultimate goal of Organizational Design is improving and optimizing efficiency and effectiveness. 


Re engineering an organization requires a solid understanding of the Standard Operating Procedures of the new role(s) developing clear job descriptions and doing the necessary gap analysis to understand new requirements and the resulting change.

Forest Transparent

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation includes constantly innovating the culture, business applications and approaches to fundamentally change how you operate, compete and deliver value to customers.

Creating a technology framework to transform these services and data into actionable insights can create a competitive edge and improve profitability.

I have the experience to help you transform your organization.

Business Team

Global Strategy

Developing a Global Strategy while evolving and optimizing your culture will expand your companies horizon opening the door for unlimited opportunity.  Understanding an organizations tolerance for change and change saturation are important components that enable a team to transform. 


Developing a global strategy and aligning your organization to that strategy requires a structured, iterative approach.

A Robust Change Plan will drive ROI in three ways:

1.) Reduced disruption (quicker change)

2.) Greater % acceptance (adopting to change)

3.) Increased proficiency (better performance)

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