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I built numerous strategy plans from the ground up with every aspect of change including organizational development, global strategy, multicultural change with c-suite coaching and mentoring to maximize ROI.

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Involves assessing the scope, scale, objectives of the change and the factors driving the change at hand. It also includes understanding the statement of work, deliverables, milestones, business processes, solutions and the risks of not changing

Communication Plan


The communication plan is your road map that delivers the message to your target. It's an essential tool for ensuring your audience receives a clear, concise and specific message with measurable results. It needs to outline the key actors and the T-Communication count down to the change.

Engagement Plan


The engagement plan outlines the communication activities, triggers, audience and key messages needed to execute the Communication, Training and Readiness plans.  It outlines and assures that the project will meet or exceed expectations.

Readiness Plan


The readiness plan outlines key milestones, deliverables and objectives that must be met before a project can progress.  It needs to include awareness and adoption assessment and be socialized up through the Subject Mater Experts, Leadership team and project sponsor. 

Training Plan

The Training Plan outlines the objectives, strategy, and curriculum required to enable stakeholders to become proficient with the new environment or technology. I typically rely on Learning Management Systems, Change Champions and a train the trainer approach.

Reinforcement Plan


The reinforcement plan is often overlooked and is critical to cement the change.  It needs to include training and communication requirements to assure the organization continues to improve proficiency and evolve.

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Process Design


Involves assessing the scope, scale, objectives of the change and the factors driving the change at hand including understanding the functional and requirements documentation necessary to meet the future state process expectations. 

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Building a Change Network

Developing a change champion network of subject matter experts (SME's) will super charge the communication, engagement and training efforts  while aligning the organizational culture to minimize the transition disruption.


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Maximizing ROI

Driving all three ROI components will pay for the Change Management effort 10 fold and keep sponsors, the c-suite, steering committee and stakeholder better informed and more engaged in the transition.


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